Scale your business while keeping your sanity.

With my signature VIP Days, I’ll refine your workflows, automate your tech, and set you up for passive income. 


You deserve a pat on the back.


You’ve been busy doing the “H” word (hustling) for months or more, and your business is thriving because of it. People love what you offer and your schedule is comfortably full of great client bookings. 

But here’s the kicker. 

You’ve had to sacrifice your sanity to get this far. You often work nights and weekends, and pretty much think about your business ALL. THE. TIME. Sure, you love what you do, but there are other people in your life (like your family and friends … Remember them?) who want to see you too. You worry that to scale your business or even think about implementing passive income streams, you’ll have to work even harder. Or, you’ll have to set aside months to research the process. 

Hi, I’m Juli – and I’m here to help you scale with ease.

I’m an educational technologist and fellow business owner, and I totally get it. Between serving your clients, managing the behind-the-scenes of your business, and balancing everyday life, you’ve got a lot going on. (Understatement of the year, right?). That’s why it’s important for all the systems and tech in your business to run smoothly. Because when they do, you’ll get so much time back to work ON your business. You’ll be able to finally create those digital products and courses you keep putting off, and you’ll have more breathing room in your life for things like vacations. (the Caribbean, here you come!) 

And no … You don’t need months to iron out all the details. With my VIP Day packages, we can transform your business in just one day!


Let me take the tech overwhelm off your plate.

No really … hand it over! If you have a dream of simplifying your business or creating passive income, tech should not be (I repeat: should NOT be) the thing that holds you back. 

Even better, I’m not just here to help you implement your tech. I’m also here to help you strategize the best steps for your business. This stage is crucial because having the right strategy will save you a ton of time and money in the long run. So, if you get this heavy, dreadful feeling every time you think about the tech – or you have no idea where to even start to scale your business – I can help. With my VIP Days, we can even get it done in just one day. How’s that for efficiency? 

What my clients are saying...

Amanda C.

"Juli has sooooo much extensive knowledge on learning platforms that she really helped identify the area of my business which I should work on first. She set up an easy-to-use framework with fill-in-the-blank items. Communication was clear and concise and I got MORE than what I would have ever expected in one day. I LOVE that I went from having nothing to having a lead magnet quiz with a fully automated email sequence ready to go and handed over to me to put on my website in a neat little package."


"Juli, you know your stuff and you gave excellent advice and tips. I want to create an online course but I had no idea how to map it out. You've given me the confidence and knowledge to move forward. Thank you!"

Two Ways I Can Help You Scale Your Business

(in an easy “I’ve got this!” kind of way)

Ideation VIP Session

Ideation VIP Session

Investment: $495

Do you have a great idea (or two, or three!) bouncing around your head, but you just can’t get past the “thinking about it” phase? If so, I can offer an outside perspective to give you the clarity, strategy, and action plan you need to put things into motion.

Implementation VIP Day

Implementation VIP Day

Investment: $1,150

Maybe you’re clear on your big idea, but have no idea how to physically create it or put all the tech pieces together. Or, even if you’re a tech wizard, maybe you have zero time to get it done. With my Implementation VIP Day, I’ll do just that – implement it all for you!

You know all those exciting things you want to do in your business?

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