Imagine transforming your business in just one day.

Whether you want to design your first funnel, create a signature course, or refine your systems, I’ll help you go from stuck to streamlined in one VIP Day.

Hey there, savvy business owner… Can you relate? 

Your business is busy, but it doesn’t feel efficient.

You’ve got a serious case of déja vu because you find yourself doing the same manual tasks over and over again in your business. You know there’s probably a better way – you just don’t have the time to research or implement different tech tools and workflows. (You got sucked into that vortex before, and you still came up confused!) 


You’re caught in the weeds of 1:1 client work.

You know the best way to scale your business is to create passive income through digital products, courses, and funnels, but you’re so busy serving your clients (who you love, by the way!) that you can’t come up for air. You desperately want to “future-proof” your business, but it always gets pushed to the bottom of your list.

You know it’s better to outsource – you just need the reminder.

You fully believe in outsourcing, but for whatever reason, you usually end up tackling everything on your own. Then the overwhelm kicks in, and you wonder why you’re always feeling so burnt out. You just need the reminder that staying in your genius zone and outsourcing to a pro always saves you time, stress, and money! 


Just one VIP Day is all you need to get unstuck in your business.  

And, because your business needs are unique, I’ll meet you where you’re at.

Ideation VIP Session

Ideation VIP Session

Do you have a great idea (or two, or three ...) bouncing around your head, but you just can’t get past the “thinking about it” phase? If so, I can offer an outside perspective to give you the clarity, strategy, and action plan you need to put things into motion.
Investment: $495 for a 4-hour session.

Implementation VIP Day

Implementation VIP Day

Maybe you’re clear on your big idea, but have no idea how to physically create it or put all the tech pieces together. Or, even if you’re a tech wizard, maybe you have zero time to get it done. With my Implementation VIP Day, I’ll do just that – implement it all for you!
Investment: $1,350 for an 8-hour session 

Get ready to...

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    Experience a fast, fun way to get unstuck in your business.
  • optimize-1000
    Have my complete attention and expertise on your project for a full day.
  • optimize-1000
    Stay in your genius zone while I alleviate all your tech headaches.
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    Feel SO much better making your own business a priority.

Let’s kick off your project with these simple steps:

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Step 1: Schedule a Free Consult

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Step 2: Secure Your Day

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Step 3: Complete Your Prep Work

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Step 4: Enjoy the VIP Experience! 

Start by booking a free 20-minute discovery call so that we can discuss your needs.

Pick your VIP Day and pay a 50% deposit to secure your session on my calendar.

Complete the pre-work and join me on a review call to make sure we’re on the same page. 

Sit back and relax while I devote my full attention to your project.


If you’ve scheduled a 4-hour Ideation Session with me, then yes. It’ll be a highly collaborative experience where we discuss your business on the spot. For my VIP Days, I just ask that you be available via instant messaging or email, in case I have any last-minute questions as I’m working on your project.

That depends! We can discuss your project in greater detail and I’ll give you an estimate of what I can realistically get done in one day. With that said, you’re paying for my time and expertise, not to check a certain number of items off your to-do list. If we’ve completed one VIP Day and you’d like me to continue working on your project, we can add on another half day or full day.

Where to start?! The fast turnaround time is a huge plus. Unlike traditional design projects, you won’t have to wait months to get your project done. And, since I’m only working on your project during our time together – vs. juggling multiple projects – I’m able to do more in less time. This way, you can get up and running with your new course or business systems a lot sooner.

Doing both will help you impact more people with less hustle. This is especially important if (right now) you’re always in the weeds of doing client 1:1 work. By fine-tuning your systems and branching out to passive income streams, you can build a business that allows for more time and financial freedom.

Ready to elevate your business without adding more stress to your schedule?

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